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To order any of Pete's CDs print out the form below and mail it to:

Pete Brewer
6304 N. Jim Miller Rd.
Dallas, TX 75228
Checks or money orders should be made payable to Pete Brewer

To order by Credit Card go to Carolyn Nussbaum Music Co.

Recording Name: Price: Qty:
Pete Brewer - "Passing Thoughts"   (CD only) $12.00 ea.  
Pete Brewer - "Second Wind"   (CD only) $12.00 ea.  
Pete Brewer - "Moonwater"   (CD & LP) $12.00 ea.  
Pete Brewer - "Dancing Visions"   (CD, LP & Cassette) $12.00 ea.  
Pete Petersen/Collection - "Night and Day"   (CD only) $12.00 ea.  
Circo - "North / South Convergence"   (CD only) $12.00 ea.  
Circo - "Return to Whenever"   (CD only) $12.00 ea.  
High Rise - "High Rise"   (CD only) $12.00 ea.  
Kaleidoscope - "Kaleidoscope"   (CD & LP) $12.00 ea.  
Clearlight - "Circuits Maximus"   (CD & LP) $12.00 ea.  
S/H: $5.00  
Total Price:    

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Upon receiving your completed order form and payment, you will be sent an email from us confirming your order. After recieving confirmation of your order please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Please retain a copy of this completed document for your files.