"HiRise" - HiRise

"The Legend" and "Royal Street"
The Lou Fischer Rehearsal Band
(Seabreeze Records)

"Pardon My Fantasy" and "The Fantasy Continues"
Recoil (Pausa Records)

"Circuits Maximus" - Clearlight
(Unicornicopia Records)

"Seagulls" - Dan Haerle Quartet
NTSU Alumni Series

"As Above, So Below" - Clearlight
(Unicornicopia Records)

"Moonwater" - Pete Brewer
(Unicornicopia Records)

"Dancing Visions" - Pete Brewer
(Unicornicopia Records)

"Kaleidoscope" - Kaleidoscope
(MARK Records)

"Night And Day"
Pete Peterson and The Collection Jazz Orchestra
(CMG Records)

"Blame It On My Youth" - Genie Grant
(dpz jazz)

"Trav'lin' Light" - Genie Grant
(dpz jazz)

"Second Wind" - Pete Brewer
(Pic Records)

"Passing Thoughts" - Pete Brewer
(Pic Records)

"Summer Place" - Tony Hakim
GMCD3010 - (Grasshopper Music)

"North / South Convergence" - Circo